Blissfully yours; a pre wedding moment in Hong Kong

Megan and Mike Pre Wedding in Hong Kong | Photography by Evoke Eternity (
Megan and Mike Pre Wedding in Hong Kong | Photography by Evoke Eternity (

I absolutely love the variety of locations when making pre wedding photographs in Hong Kong!  As far as the eye can see, there are many great images to be made.  It’s very exciting to see the urban architecture, green hills and heritage European architecture (if you know where to look).

The scene was set in Stanley.  There was no need to be dressed up in formal wear.  They were more comfortable dressed as they would for a date.  This didn’t affect the prewedding photos at all.  All they did was to be themselves.  They were happy within the presence of each other in that moment.

Emotion is an important aspect to an image and so is connection between the subjects.  Without these, a photo could just become ordinary.

The way they held each other and the gentle expressions in their eyes showed the strong connection between them.  All of this beneath the afternoon sun made it very easy to capture couple.  It was a touching pre wedding photography session being in their presence.

We went to one of the most beautiful locations in Hong Kong that was significant to them.  Through their connection, it was easy to see why.

Wayne is a dynamic pre wedding photographer with a distinct style.  He is based in Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia – contact Evoke Eternity to book Wayne to capture your love story during your overseas pre wedding adventure.