The International People and Wedding Photographer

Photo of International Photographer, Wayne Wong I was born in Malaysia and grew up in Melbourne, Australia.  As an avid traveller, I’ve been fortunate enough to live in Prague where I explored much of Central and Eastern Europe.

My purpose for wedding and portrait photography is simple.  I want the people looking at their photos to vividly remember the memories and stories as they look back at their photos in years to come.

I’m a sentimental person who loves seeing photos of the past, both of my family and of the world around me.  It tickles the curious part of my brain that asks what life was like back then, or what made that person laugh heartily like there was no tomorrow.  It’s these moments that at the time seem nothing and hidden, but can be precious in generations to come.

I’m dedicated to the creative field, growing up with a camera, sketchbook and pencil in hand.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Multimedia, where I further explored design, animation and video production.

My work has taken me to different parts of the globe, including creating promotional photography and videos for a dance production in New York City; taking environmental portraits to promote a play in Prague; and weddings in France and Australia.

As a professional wedding and portrait photographer, I have also been accepted to be part of the Wedding Photojournalists Association (WPJA) and Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (AGWPJA).  The WPJA “grants membership to the most talented professional wedding photographers in the industry–photographers who focus on using their photography skills and excel at capturing moments and documenting weddings.”
source: WPJA

More about Wayne Wong

  • I create other art works in my spare time, some of which can be seen at
  • I currently live in Hong Kong, but travel to Melbourne, Australia time to time.
  • I have an amazing partner who is a psychologist.
  • We love hiking, keeping fit and of course, movie night!
  • I will go to great lengths to get the photography – including climbing up a tree in the middle of a crowded park.
Wayne Wong hanging in a tree to get the perfect photograph!
Hanging in a tree to get the perfect photograph!

Below is a list of some of the publications and exhibitions my work has appeared in.


  • Head On Add On Exhibition (Sydney, Australia)
  • Freque Magazine


  • Head On Competition (Sydney, Australia)


  • Australian Mountain Bike Magazine (Australia)
  • Revolution Magazine (Australia)
  • Partysan Magazine
  • Fashion Journal Magazine (Australia)
  • New North Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)

If you wish to see more of my work, have a look at my personal folio website.

You can also find me on Facebook and Google+.