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About Us

Evoke Eternity was created out of Wayne‘s passion for story telling and to make people happy.  The name comes from the wish for people to always look at their photos, smile and remember the memories.  Like the groomsmen, who grew up together in a French country village, coming together at a wedding and openly sharing their strong bond of friendship.  The memories that will trigger the emotions of how they felt during those moments that will last for generations.  These are the memories that we tell our kids and our grandkids about what life was like and what is important in life.

Relationships for a lifetime | Evoke Eternity

Based in Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia, we are proud of our experience and expertise gained from working in all corners of the world. We have built lifelong relationships with couples and families who invite us to share in their special life moments. We see each one of you as unique individuals whose life is filled with different experiences. The experience a wife feels when her newly married husband serenades her with their favourite song that he’s been practising for months for their wedding dinner. Or the joy of seeing your children be playfully curious at their surroundings.

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Our difference

We offer a different way of working with a photographer. This difference brings to you the value and benefit of having your photographs personalised and unique to you. When you book with us, you get a world class photographer who is also a time keeper, a confidant, a people person who works the audience and someone who works with your after the shoot to ensure that you get the best quality prints and albums. Our heritage comes from our above and beyond efforts to make our clients feel special and safe. We are definitely not interested in treating you as a number in a processing line.

We are passionate about telling your story and celebrating your personality!

Book your next photography session with us and let us help you value the priceless memories that comes with the art of telling your stories.