Wedding photography

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

-Dr. Seuss

Book the wedding photography service that you deserve for your big day.  When the last guest has gone home, all that remains are the photographs and memories for you to enjoy and reminisce about, anniversary after anniversary.


“It’s the happiest day of my life!”

“My dad looks so happy right now!”

“All the people I care about are here!”

“My big day is here!  I can’t wait to see her!”

“Thanks mum and dad!”

“Is my tie on straight?”

These are the thoughts that race through your mind as you celebrate many joyous moments alongside your soulmate and loved ones.  Live without regret and book the best at telling your wedding story.  After all, this assembly of people gathers together once in a lifetime, especially for you!

We specialise in making your new family’s first heirloom something that you will treasure for a lifetime.  As you look at the collection of wedding photographs, your own vivid memories will make you laugh and cry as you reminisce over the years to come.

Real wedding stories

Take a look at the real wedding stories we’ve captured around the world.


Digital only

Starting from 16800HKD

If you wish to own the very best quality digital images of your wedding, this collection might be the best choice.

This includes 8 hours of photography with 100 high resolution digital images delivered to you. The images will be produced and delivered in colour. Some images which look more stunning in black and white will also be provided to you.

All images will be watermark free.  You will get the images printable to A4 without a loss in quality, and they’ll also be ready for you to share on your favourite social media channels.

Digital images, Prints and album

Starting from 19800HKD

If you are looking for the most convenient way to have the very best quality images of your wedding as digital images, prints and in an album, these would be the best choices.

To save you time and the disappointment of receiving low quality photos from print labs that are cheap, we will make all of your prints ourselves on high quality cotton rag media that lasts.  The prints come in a variety of sizes so they’ll be ready for you to frame and display in your new home!

60 images will laid out in the designer 40 page 16” x 12” book.  Your book will be designed ready for you to swap any images out, if required.  Most couples have given us the go ahead immediately because they absolutely loved how we’ve laid out the story of their wedding day!

All albums are made using high quality paper stock and bounded properly so they don’t fade or fall apart in years to come.  We provide a handmade bag that is customised to fit the album to protect it from the sun and dust.

Please enquire about album upgrades, extra prints and hours.

Complete the form below to enquire about our availability for your wedding. Let us know if you have any special requests. For our international clients, we will scout your locations as part of our service. This ensures that we will be very familiar with the locations to ensure the best photographs are captured of your big day.

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