Jennifer and Benoît’s wedding story

In a quaint, 14th century French village called Pont-L’Abbé, the wedding story of Jennifer and Benoît was told.  Their family and friends from all around the world including the UK, Australia and France gathered to celebrate with them.

Away from town and down a laneway lined with trees and grassland is Le Clos de Trévannec.  As the sunlight danced in between the tree canopy in the laneway, something magical was happening in this secluded manor.

The wedding saw the fusion of cultures – French, Asian and Australian.  Benoit and his close friends were introduced to the Chinese tradition of gate-crashing games.  The four of them were shocked at first by the challenges set for them by the bridesmaids.  With the spirit and bravado of the Musketeers, they rallied themselves and as the crowd cheered them on, met each challenge in high spirits.  The groomsmen were not going to let their best friend down on his big day!  They pushed on.  Using chopsticks, they ate grapes with vigour, drank a concoction only the brave would drink, and sang heartily for Benoît to get his girl!

The ceremony was an intimate affair as the guests shuffled into the loft of the main building.  The timber floorboards creaked as everyone was greatly anticipating Jennifer’s arrival.  Benoît was beaming as his big moment had arrived!  As the flower girl and the bridesmaids made their way up the spiral staircase of stone, everyone stood up to greet them.  Hearing the steady clicking of heels on stone, the big moment had arrived when Jennifer would appear.  Everyone was amazed at the radiant Jennifer in her elegant, custom designed wedding dress.

Readings of love and friendship were made and as vows were exchanged, tears of joy were shed by many.  The joy radiating in this room could be felt and if walls could talk, they would share this moment for all eternity.

The boisterous laughter, chatter from new bonds of friendship carried into the night for the reception.  The French, not wanting to miss out on the opportunity for cultural exchange, introduced everyone to their version of “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!”

Everyone sang and danced well into the night, partly because they could but also they were having so much fun that nobody wanted any of it to end.  Tales of Jennifer and Benoît’s wedding will be vividly recalled by many, in years to come.